Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mobile Wallpaper - Chinese Olympic Dolls Part 1

This post contains a series of mobile phone wallpaper about chinese olympic doll 中國奧運娃娃.
All the mobile phone wallpapers I created have are both available in landscape and portrait view.
If you have any recommendation, feedback or any mobile phone wallpapers, in any size you want, please feel free to let me know or write me a email, I will try my best to fulfill your need.
This contains 10 wallpapers. And I hope you all like it.
Your feeback is my motivation of work

All mobile phone wallpapers showed on my sites are 240 x 320 and 320 x 240 wallpaper
All mobile phone wallpapers are in jpeg format
All mobile phone wallpapers can be download directly by right click of the mouse
All mobile phone wallpapers contain no water mark, but they can only be used for personal purpose
All mobile phone wallpapers show on my site can not be use in other business purpose unless the permission from the site owner (which is me)


Tracy晶 said...

hoho..five kids

Kelvin said...

Hi Tracy, you are the first replier to my blog ... thank you very much for your support .... ^^